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This is my blog. It will tell whoever is reading it all about how the process of restoration on my '71 mustang is going, as well as an occasional good thought.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Do You Know The Muffin Man????

Hello my dear and veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy patient peoplzzzzzzzz.

I have made you wait such a long time for a new post so I should, and will, give you some nice long tidbit(s) of information.

I have been very busy.

I have been preparing for my first quarter tests in all my subjects and consequently that sort of takes precedence over most anything else………that reminds me… I better start studying that book I have on taking the SAT……….buuuuuuuuut not till I’m done this post.

I have been paintballing and it is so totally AWSOME!!!!!!…….. AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I have a paintball gun but I don’t…. I know that is confusing so let me esplain…yes I misspelled that on purpose…. My parents wanted to get me a gun (marker) for Christmas so they told me to find the best deal online that I could. I found, (with snipermonkey’s help,) a piranha Bottom line G2 for $30 and they are usually more like $70 so I immediately told them about it and they ordered it. The nice big package got here a week later and it now resides somewhere in the place where moms keep presents until Christmas…..their room. When it got here they told me to test it once to make sure it worked, so I shot it a couple times and then it disappeared into that room ……..POOF!!!!

So now you know why I have a paintball gun and why I don’t have a paintball gun.

My girlfriend...aka. 1971 mustang.

The work on the engine is going slowly but surely and I hope to have the pistons out next week (I would have them out this week but I have all my quarter tests to do as well as a nasty book report) …back to my car.

I took off the crankshaft gear (shown)

And the camshaft gear (shown)

And with them came the timing chain (also shown)

And here is all of them together-

But now I need that ridge reamer to take the ridge off the cylinder walls before I can do anything else.

For all of you engine illiterate people I will try to esplain what a ridge is…… Imagine a block of solid steel, that’s the engine block. Now imagine that there is a hole 6 inches wide going right through that engine block, that’s the cylinder. Now imagine running your finger along that round edge of the hole and cutting yourself on the edge. Don’t scream, it’s only imaginary but now you know what part of the engine I will be talking about. Now re-imagine that edge, only now think of the quarter inch of cylinder wall under that sharp edge…got it pictured? … Good. Now when the engine runs, the pistons go up and down in the cylinder…right? …Good. When that piston goes, it rubs against the cylinder walls all the way up and down except for a quarter inch at the very top, right under where you cut yourself. This quarter inch of un-rubbed steel is thus a little bump at the top of the cylinder wall and is only like a hundredth of an inch thick. But if you try to take the piston out without taking of that bump, (ridge), you will completely destroy the piston rings which can get very expensive. Well I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

Ok I think I am done……. NOT!!!!!!!!…..Will continue in next paragraph.

I am in my junior year of high school and I have a lot of schoolwork.

I have 6 subjects and I will now innumerate them all.

Math- I am doing the Saxon brand Advanced Math book and it isn’t that hard (only because I love math. I know people who can barely understand the book) except that it was made to be done in two years but I am going to try get it all done in one year….crazy me.

History-I have about four books this year for my history course and they are all about the evils of communism. Right now I am reading the Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen and it is really cool how he put together the chapters. Let me say right now that you will not get any “thrills” reading this book, the title only implies that you will see the teachings of communism without anything hiding them. I am also reading another book on the year of 1917 and everything that happened during that time but it is really stupid.

Science-Explosions!!!! Well not quite yet…

I am going through the chemistry book by Jay L. Wile, Exploring Creation with Chemistry, and it is really fun and amazing. He goes through all the high school chemistry but it is so easy to understand.


Frankly, I don’t like artsy type subjects; literature, languages, history and all of those liberal arts type things, maybe because liberals like them….hahahahaha…. all right I’ll be quiet.

I just finished reading Come Rack Come Rope, It is a very well written book about a few catholic priests in the time of Queen Elizabeth the First and they eventually die as martyrs but it is a really neat to read. I now have to write a book report on it so that stinks… sorry if I offend you with my language…hehe.

Public speaking-My parents are making me go through this book about public speaking and it tells you to do a different type of speech every week. My dad is also going to join Toastmasters and he is going to drag me along to, although the one meeting I did go to was pretty neat.

Religion-I’m sure you all know what this is about…studying your religion is a very good thing to do.

Let’s see… anything else to talk about?…….. O yes, I also have the New SAT book by Princeton Review because I am going to take that next year…something else to study L

Hmmmmmmmm… what else… ahhh! The only foods I don’t like are eggplant and squid…seriously…one of my favorites is liver and onions…actually…I don’t think I would like to eat any foods like…heart… or tongue…or sweetbreads…Bleach!!!!

Otherwise I will eat pretty much anything.

YES!!!!! Midnight club 3 DUB edition just came down to $30…THAT IS SO TOTALLY AWSOME!!!!!!…That means I can afford to buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music…=…my life…well …a lot of it…Since I home school I listen to music while I work but my mom has problems with anything that isn’t classical or Gregorian chant, so during school time I listen to classical…it is actually not that bad…Ramstine is better.

Here is a picture of my bike-

It is a diamondback Assault EX and it cost about $400 brand new. Of course if you new me really well you would say, “What?! Beefloaf bought something that was brand new???? Well I didn’t buy it brand new. One of my friends from church had a neighbor who was selling the bike for $150 but that was too expensive. The next week though my friend told me that his neighbor had lowered the price to $50. PICK MEEEEEEE!!!!

I bought it. Now I am the proud owner of a bike that is in almost immaculate shape and which is nicer than anyone else’s I know.

And the lesson learned from that is that the best deals are not always on the internet.

For all of you paintballers here is a guy whose products get really good ratings he also has amazing customer service...Boss Paintball Products

That’s all I can think of right now so goodbye!… and I’ll post again as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Alive!!!!!


This is like the first post in a long time but sadly I have little to report.

My car engine overhaul is going slowly because I need a harmonic vibration dampner puller and I just need to go rent one. My mom said she will be going in the direction of the rental yard tomorrow so she can get it then.

My web name (beefloaf) gets to be a potato eating librarian monkey with a battle rating of 5.9.

If you dont know what I'm talking about just click on the link to snipermonkey's blog.

If you type in John it is a purplepeople eating psycho monkey with a battle rating of 8.6.

And the name Grann has a battle rating of 0.0 hahahahahahahhhahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The name Marjorie is a fire eating pirate monkey with a battle rating of she related to you Marguerite?????

I finally fixed our computer; I installed firefox and then snipermonkey gave me some plugins for it and as soon as I had installed them it messed up. Every time I would open a program the whole desktop (icons, taskbar, everything) would dissapear and just the background picture would stay.....AAARRGGHHHH!!!!!!

So instead of smashing the computer I just restored the system to the point in time before I installed the pluggins......YYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

On a more serious note:

Our paintball team decided not to call ourselves the blitzcreig team and I have found some cool German words and need feedback on the best ones.....Your feedback will be for consideration only.

Here are the English words or phrases and the German translation

cause of death

· Todesursache

special forces team


dangerous to public safety



· brenzlig

· Gefahr bringend

· gefährlich


· Affen

to monkey about

· herumblödeln

That is all I found so if you know some other awsome names please comment them onto this post.

I like using PAINT to photoshop pictures....

I know halloween is over but after a little editing this picture is scary weird.

It sort of looks like an elite without it's helmet.....

Snipermonkey gave me some movie clips that DIDN"T mess up the computer and their really cool.....they are about nuclear tests......BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahhahahah!!! See you all later!!!!!!!

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