My 71 mustang and the occasionally good thought

This is my blog. It will tell whoever is reading it all about how the process of restoration on my '71 mustang is going, as well as an occasional good thought.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tons of stuff happening!!!!!!!!!! happened.

Well everyone,

Here is a site for all of you ninjas out there

And now for the rest of you.

Last week I left on thursday with my Boy Scout troop for Astoria W.A.
We took our bikes with us and spent many long hours riding them on the bunkers of fort Stevens.
The pool at the KOA where we stayed had so much chlorine in it that my eyes started hurting as soon as I got in the pool. And the hot tub was fine so long as certain little annoying scoutlings{That's what we, ( the older scouts) call the younger scouts} didn't turn on the jets. .

Lets see...
I got home on saturday at 2:00pm and then had 1/2 an hour to pack, have a shower, and leave on my international dancing trip.


Yes. For all you who I haven't told yet, I joined Poulsbo's Son's of Norway Norwegian dancing group about 6 weeks ago. I'm in the highschool group (grades 9-12) and I had 5 weeks to practice about 12 diferent dances before we went to Canada. The group meets every monday and so far it has been really fun, not to mention that I am actually learning to dance, which I can see as a big advantage in the future.

Any how, we went to Vancouver Canada on saturday and came back on monday, after doing about 9 performances for assorted rest homes, schools, and the Sons of Norway lodge.

Well I have to go now, Lots of school work is calling my name, so check out that ninja site and Go light something on fire.


Monday, February 13, 2006

my car

I needed to have my picture hosted somewhere so all I'll do is put it in a post.
This is a 71 mustang but mine will be metallic red and not have the silver on the bottom.

It will also have the rear end raised about 6 inches.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad referees+no one to get mad at them=DISGUSTING MOCKERY OF A SUPERBOWL!

Let me just tell you that whenever I start thinking about that referee I want to tackle him as hard as I can and then pound his face into the ground so hard it would become one with the ground!!!

I don't know how many of you watched the superbowl, but I went to my friends house and watched it on a big screen. Thus I saw every single moment of it and I KNOW that if the referees hadn't been playing favorites the Seahawks would have WALKED ALL OVER THE STEALERS!!!!

And yes I spell thier name with an "A" because that is exactly what they did. They stole OUR TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching that game was so frustrating because every time the Seahawks made a touchdown the refs would MAKE UP A REASON TO FLAG THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then when the refs GAVE THE STEALERS TWO TOUCHDOWNS THAT THEY DIDN'T MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well I am done ranting and if anyone says that the seahawks didn't win the SUPERBOWL XL. Then come and talk to me and I shall prove to you that they DID!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Forward to the past!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here I am... Sitting at the library because the power is out at our house.

In fact. The power is out in the entire town of poulsbo.(except the library)

And the power is out in probably every other town around the puget sound.

The reason for this, is that last night a storm moved into the puget sound that had gusts of wind up to 50 mph!!!! On our property we had about 8 trees fall over, luckily not on the house,:).
So I am at the library typing a post for the only blog that seems to be active right now.(hint hint)
Now for the news.

I am going to be taking my engine into Seattle auto sports to be cleaned and re-honed this monday.
On thursday of this week I went with my dad to the Town Hall in seattle, to hear Paul Bremer give a talk on what he did in Iraq when he was named Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance for post-war Iraq following the Iraq War of 2003.

Go check out his biography.

Well I have to go now so I'll check back soon.

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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