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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MY ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I GOT MY ENGINE BACK FROM THE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, so I went to Seattle yesterday and picked up the block, heads, crank, and the engine kit frome Autosport Seattle. Where I purchased everything about 3 weeks ago. And now for the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the block, which is all nice and clean, shiny, and REBORED!!! The camshaft bearings are allready in the block but otherwise I will do everything else, including painting it. Most likely I will paint each peice separately and then put it all together, see how it looks, and then decide if it needs another coat of paint.

all nice and shiny!!! note the brass freeze plugs so that they won't rust.

Shiny cylinders!!!!!

the top hole is where the crankshaft goes and the bottom one is for the camshaft.

And here is another picture!

Now for the heads. This is the bottom side of both heads, with all the valves. I was able to save two valves on each head so the cost was a little less.

Here is a close-up of a few valves, all SHINY!!!!!!

And here is the top of one head, sorry about the foot, but I didn't have time to take another.

Here is the crankshaft, all clean and balenced so that it will run perfectly.

Here is the box of parts, The eDirect box is the timing chain components.
The box below it is the piston ring box.
The one below that is the oil pump.
The plastic bag has all the rocker arm and pivots in it.
The brown paper bag has synthetic sealer, super lube, and adhesive in it.
the thin box to the left of the paper bag has the oil pump drive in it.
The big long box that says "CAMSHAFT" has the camshaft in it. hee hee.
And below that box are the piston journals and the crankshaft bearing journals.

Here are all the pistons, nice and SHINY, and they are alluminum, as apposed to the old cast iron ones.

Here is a close-up of one piston head.

Here is one piston with the rings on it on it's side.

Here is the performace camshaft, the guys at the shop said it would be a lot more fun to drive than the old regular one. Besides, I needed a new one anyway.

And here are the gaskets, I got a whole kit which contained 40 different gaskets, sealers, and cork gaskets.

So now you have seen my engine in peices, and in about a month I hope to have it completely back together and SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: I need to host my new profile pic so here it is.

Have fun peoplez, because if you don't, I will for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The big one seven

Well, I turned 17 today.

I suppose most people feel old when they turn 18, but not me. I really feel old now. I think it's because of all the responsibility that is going to be heaped upon me in the next year, and the knowledge that I have a lot more control over my life now. Since I start college this fall, I am ahead of the curve in the school area of life, and this combined with all the big choices I'm making nowadays, really makes me realize that my fun, carefree childhood is gone. Sure, I'll still go on boy scout trips, go out with my friends, and have fun, but now I am responsible for my self, my study habits, and pretty much everything. As my dad has joked, If I leave the house the police don't have to bring me back! Heh, won't do that though.
But don't let this gloomy start to the post make you think I'm going to be a dried-up adult from now on, HA! I intend on having lots of fun this coming year and stay in touch with all you people.
Well, I think I have to go now, so goodbye everybody, and I hope to post again soon.

DAB SI NNARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Everybody!!!!!.....well, almost.

This post will be short but it's about everyone of you!!!!!!

I fixed my links so that they have hints!!!!!!!!!!

And each one has something on it!!!!!




I can't end this post though without thanking Brent for e-mailing me the instructions for fixing the links. THANKS!!!!!!!!

Now, goodbye!!!!!!!

And watch for an update in 4 days!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

College here I come!!!

Well I just got back from the accuplacer test.

I DID FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, considering that I completely flunked the math section the first time I took it, and the time that I spent afterward studying my elementry algabra, I better have done well.

So I'm happy, I placed into english 101, math 119, and math 120, which means that my dad is happy, and that means that I am happy!!!!!

And about that flunking thing.....I have not studied elementry algebra in about two years, all that I have been studying is trig and REALLY advanced algebra. So I thought that the test would test the last things I studied. HA!!!!! So when the test asked me a bunch of the stupidest questions, I couldn't even figure out how to bring variables up and down in a fraction.


But today I did much better, pretty much aceing every thing except the college level math, which I got about 75% on, but then, why else would I go to college except to learn college level math?.......and chemistry/physics.

So I just wanted to share that with all you people out there, and hopefully this fall I shall join all you other running starters at olympic college!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, Elisabeth, I'm trying to figure out transportation means to the Bremerton campus, I assume thats where I'll be going, and I heard that you bussed there for a while, could you let me know what you actually did, Or at least point me to a website with relevant info? Thanks.

I'll be updating in about 9 days with BIG info, stay tuned!

Have fun out there peoplez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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