My 71 mustang and the occasionally good thought

This is my blog. It will tell whoever is reading it all about how the process of restoration on my '71 mustang is going, as well as an occasional good thought.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buenos Dias!!!!

Hola me amigos!!!!

I'm posting from OC right now and Ive got to catch the bus in 15 minutes so I'll make this quick.

OC is great
Spanish is fun
english is managable
math is fine

Other than that I'm just realizing the great feeling it is to be a college student!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adios Amigos!!!!!!!!!!!! Hasta luega!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hello everyone, just a quick update. I'm doing fine, olympic college starts on the 19th.....YEAH! I've bought all my books, which only came to about 260.00 thanks to Elisabeth's generous loan of some math books....THANKS:)

We finished our cement pad, now we have a 40' by 40' concrete sport court in our back yard. I'll be finishing the basketball hoop later today. I'll invite everyone over sometime to play when its completely finished. Yes, even you in California and Idaho, speaking of which, Shafwiqua, have you completely moved yet?

This friday our family goes on vacation. We'll be going down to Astoria and then to some house on a the beach in Oregon which our grandparents' friends own. Its really nice because our family homeschools and my college doesn't start till the 19th so we can go after school is in.

I went to ultimate frisbee last monday, That was awesome.

And thats about all.....I'll keep you posted about anything else. Hopefully blogging goes up when we are all in our scool routine again. 16 days till international talk like a pirate day!!!!!!!!!

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